Check out these underwater scooters or motorbikes called "BOB" a short name for "Breathing Observation Bubble" Your personal underwater scooter that allows you to sit on a seat with your head inside a clear acrlic bubble which is filled with air from the tank.
A new and unique off shore surf school providing lessons in Maunalani Bay-Hawaii Kai away from crowded Waikiki Beach. We have a semi-private environment where there will be no more than 6 passengers on board of our exclusive surf boat. clickme
Jet Ski /Tandem

Take a cruise out to the beautiful Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai and hop on our sporty Yamaha Waverunner. The tandem jetski allows 2 riders at a time for 30 minutes.

Jet Ski /Solo
Wanna take a ride on a Yamaha waverunner jetski for a solo adventure? Out in Maunalua Bay, the rider can experience what it means to fly on Hawaii's blue water. clickme

Fly above the beautiful coastline of Oahu on a parasail pulled by the captain.  The view from the sky offers a one of a kind experience in which the water and sky meet.

Scuba Dive
The diverse marine life and clear blue ocean awaits you for an underwater adventure that will take you into another world.  Join us for a scuba diving tour with our Master Diver PADI certified instructors. clickme
Banana Boat
The extremely fun Banana Boat ride is the one ride that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.  The six man inflatable boat is pulled by our captain and you don’t have to worry because you are equipped with life jackets that we provide for your safety. clickme
Bumper Tube
The Bumper Tube is fun and enjoyable ride for you and your friends, family or partner. Pulled by our captain the bumper tube rides the wake of the boat and allows for fast and bumpy ride. clickme
Wake Boarding
Rip through the wake of our Hawaiian waters and enjoy the physical and exciting challenge of standing on water. clickme
Stand Up Paddleboard
Surf Hawaiian style atop our authentic paddle boards in the beautiful Maunalua Bay. The crystal clear water allows you to skim across the surface and see the beautiful ocean floor. clickme
Hanauman Bay Escort
Beneath the crystal blue water is another world that awaits you. See the beautiful Hawaiian reef and tropical island fish at Hanauma Bay with our snorkel instuctors. clickme
Hanauma Bay Transfer Only
Experience the crystal clear water of Hanauna Bay on your own time with transportation to the beach. clickme
Aloha Special C

Aloha Special C includes Jet Ski, Surfing or Stand-up Paddle, and Hanauma Bay Snorkeling.

Aloha Special A

Aloha Special A includes Jet Ski, Parasail, and Scuba Diving.

Aloha Special B

Aloha Special B includes Parasail, Wakeboard, and Scuba Diving.

South Pacific Special
South Pacific Special includes Jet Ski, Banana Boat, and Bumper Tube. clickme